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Digital Marketing

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Instagram layouts, Facebook Banners and Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Ad Campaign Management are all services that have been utilized as a freelancer and during my full-time work in nonprofits, B2C and B2B environments.

Creating digital media of high quality through photography, graphic manipulation or sourcing that is able to depict a narrative and capture the attention of your audience, encouraging them to follow through on your organization’s call to action.

The possibilities are nearly endless as far as image creation goes.


Product photography, styled photo shoots (apparel, accessories, etc.) and architectural photography are all in the purview of my services. We can discuss your needs and may have to account for using an outside vendor in our project’s budget.

I am open to different approaches and unique concepts and would love to branch out into more artistic work in the future. I am always open to discussing equipment and their capabilities and what will achieve the look you are after, if that is a conversation you are interested in having within the consultation.


Long form or short form copywriting is available with AP Style or a more casual tone. I am looking to expand my portfolio into more pieces centering art, beauty, wellness and travel. I am open to any prompt and research objective that will leverage my creative expression.

Creating a press list, press release and newsletter for distribution is possible and encouraged for a successful event. 

Contact me for a free consultation to understand your copywriting needs.

Packages are available upon request for social media management.

Web design rates vary depending on complexity.


Due to COVID-19, I am now offering INSTALLMENT PLANS with packages as low as $100/month.

based in austin

By appointments only

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